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Fake Shajra by Mr.Afroz Ahmad

Shajra of Lakdi Gaon (Chail Khas) prepared by Mr. Afroz Ahmad , Karachi

Assalamu’ Alaikum

Dear Friends !

You are accustomed to read historical accounts of the villages in Chail and pieces on Allahabad at this place butr today I am drawing your attention towards a phenomenon named Mr.Afroz Ahmad in Karachi.

Mr. Afroz Ahmad, as I have come to know, has been collecting & publishing Shajras of several villages of Pargana Chail from time to time. I had a chance to view and review one of the shajra he made for the village Lakdi Gaon ( Chail Khas) and I wanted to share with you the crazy discrepancies  & fatal errors in the Shajra that had disturbed me.

About Mr. Afroz Ahmad

Mr. Afroz Ahmad is a son of Janab Anees Ahmad Marhoom of Badagaon (Purbahan) and his Nanihal is also in Badagaon. His maternal uncle was Janab Mushtaq Ahmad Sahib of Mahal        
(Badagaon) also from Purbahan. Now have a look at the signature below which he normally attaches at the end of each of the Shajra that he has printed so far. 
I dont know for reasons best known to him only , he introduces himself in all his shajras as 

"Saiyid Afroz Ahmad  FCA,FCMA, DAIB, 
 Maulood Fee Bazar ka Bagh, Kashia, Chail , Zila Kaushambi -UP- Al-Hind 
Haal Muqeem Karachi Sindh“ Pakistan

Which reads as  
Saiyid Afroz Amad FCA,FCMA, DAIB , 
born at Bazar ka Bagh,Kashia,Chail , District Kaushambi -UP- India
At present residing at Karachi, SIndh , Pakistan

Isn't this intriguing ?

How would it look if while writing this article I  introduce myself as  

" Khalid Bin Umar MA.,B.Ed.M.B.A- 
Maulood Fee Bagh-i-Babur, Subah & Shahar Kabul 
Mulk Afghanistan " 

Isn't it ridiculous 

Firstly It does not tell which place do I originally belong to ,who my father /grand-father are ? Which family do I belong to ? Naturally my birthplace does not define me .My own people won't be able to connect with me.

Secondly it seems that I am trying to throw dust in your eyes so that you do not see the something that is real or that is actual (reality )?

Thirdly it appears to be a deliberate effort to effect an wrong impression and dupe the people that he belongs to Kashia whereas the fact is that he is from Badagaon (Purabahan) family and not from the Bukhari Sadat of Kashia

Now I leave upto you to judge why doesn't he mention his Dadihal and confuses all with the mention of Kashia ?

Now coming back to his Shajra of Chail which I saw just recently.

Shajra of Chail

The Shajra before me has been made by Mr.Afroz Ahmad in 2010 starts with the heading as follows:

“Nasab Nama Siddiqin Sakinan Lakdi-Gaon ( Chail) Zila Kaushmabi

It is apparently the shajra of Shaikh Siddiqis of village Chail Khas which is popularly known as Lakdi Gaon.

First of all this word” SIDDIQIN” is not the appropriate word for the descendants of Hadhrat Abu Bakr Siddieeq Radi Allahu Anhu. SIDDIQIN is a term to denote a status of a mystic and a personage in Islamic Tasawwuf and nowhere it is used for the Shaikh Siddiqis who are descended from Hadhrat Abu Bakr Siddeeq Radi Allahu Anhu. Never in the Islamic history was this term “Siddiqin used for the Shajra Purposes. The right Persian term for the Shajra purposes is Shuyukh-Siddeeqi or simply Siddiqis of Chail.

This shajra gives the names of the descendents of Marhoomeen Jan Miyan, Arkan Miyan, Subahdar Major Shaikh Raheem Bakhsh of Chail and to this extent it is fine.


This  Shajra shows the name of Mushir ul Haq, Sana ul Haq Falak  of Pawan to be a part of the family of Jan Miyan and Arkan MIyan which is not only wrong but a blatant lie and fatal error.

Shajra of Chail Mixed wit Shajra of Pawan
  • Please find the name of Sana-ul-Haq “Falak” of Pawan in this Shajra. Can anyone explain to me how come his name is entered in the Shajra of Chail ( Lakdi Gaon). Were Sana-ul-Haq marhoom’s ancestors from Lakdi Gaon (Chail) ?. It is an accepted fact that the Qazian ( Haq Family ) of Pawan is the original family of Pawan & Husainpur. They have not migrated from somewhere else rather they are the original residents and descendents of Qazi Naseeruddin of Pawan.
  • Thereafter I found the name of Masroor-ul-Haq & Mushir-ul-Haq of Pawan in the same Shajra. It is again a blatant line / a sin of changing the fathers of a family that these people are unlawfully entered into the Chail Gaon Shajra while everyone knows these Mushir-ul-Haq & Masroor ul Haq are from Pawan ?
  • The Siddiqis of Chail ( Lakdi Gaon have different ancestor while the Siddiqis of Pawan & Husainpur have different ancestor. They can never be clubbed together in a Single Shajra.
  • If  for a second ,we  suppose , that the Haq family of Pawan has migrated from Chail , then where are the names of other Haq family members , like Ansar-ul-Haq, Rizwan-un-Haq , Faizan-ul-Haq, matloob-ul Haq  who are very much there in Pawan & Allahabad and are very much part of the same family of Pawan.
  • If this is a complete Shajra of Chail then where are the names of Chhote Miyan , Hakeem Anees Ahmad & Dabeer Ahmad Sahiban of Chail Khas who were from the original Siddiqui family of Chail (Lakdi Gaon)……….Why there name does not appear in the shajra?
  • This shajra will go down for hundreds of years and people will think that I am descended from Farman Ali Siddiqi of Chail village while as a matter of fact his forefathers have been changed by Afroz Ahmad of Badagaon.
  • If you watch closely he has copied few names of Audhan Shajra and pasted it in the Shajra of Lakdi Gaon hence making it uptill Hadhrat Abu Bakr Siddiq (RA). It seems that When he makes a Shajra and finds some names/generatiosn to be missing , he does not stop, he fills in the gaps with assumed and false names and thus creates a complete Shajra.
What kind of service is this ? 

Is this the way to prepare a Shajra ? 

Is this not a SIN to insert fake Names ? 

Is it not a SIN to change someone's forefathers ?

Does this kind of lackadaisical approach could ever make a reliable Shajra ?
If one cannot or has not the means to enquire, verify and update a Shajra then what  is the hurry or compulsion to prepare and publish a Shajra so rapidly ?  Is there any Shara'i compulsion or an Government orders to have a Shajra by hook or by crook ?

People are happy to find their names printed in it whereas they do not realize that their fore-fathers have got changed. They do not take pain to check the entire tree or the line that goes up because they themselves have no knowledge about their own line of succession. Taking benefit of this ignorance Afroz Sahib is churning out Shajras after Shajras without it being verified or cross-checked by the original residents of that village. 

Someone told me that a lot of names are missing in his Shajra made for Audhan as well. 

His other Pawan Shajra is also having wrong names or incomplete off-shoots therein.

Having said this I would not say that all of the entries in his Shajra are wrong, some of the names/branches shown are indeed correct but to create a complete family tree , he adds names out of his supposition or from any other Shajras which makes the Shajra wrong.In any case , after his edits & updates , the shajra becomes completely unreliable and wrong.

As in the Shajra above the names before FARMAN ALI SIDDIQI are almost fictitious and assumed names are filled in to complete it till Hadhrat Siddiq (RA) .There is no document about Chail Khas where the names from Hadhrat Abu Bakr Siddiqi (RA) till Farman Ali Siddiqui are duly recorded. Sincey they are reputed to be an off-shoot of Behka then the name of Shah Habeeb-ullah must be there , it is also missing.

I would call this an “Adjusted Shajra” and not an original Shajra written 100 or 200 years ago. 

Since I have not seen all of his Shajra-jaat, I cannot claim that all are incorrect , but one thing is sure , if he makes or updates Shajra like the one discussed above then believe me that none of his Shajras could be taken for granted.


Afroz Sahib prints a Circle on the left side of each Shajra that he makes for Siddiqis .In side the circle the names of 12 villages are written.  He writes it as “Aaqab Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq Qura'a 12 Fee Chail”  Translation ( Hazrat Abu Bakr siddiq ki Aulad Chail ke 12 villages mein hai )  Now read out the names of Siddiqi Villages.

1)    Umarpur Niwan -
2)    Muhiuddinpur -
3)    Chail (Lakdi Gaon) -
4)    Nizampur Puraini
5)    Hasanpur Ujheni
6)    Umarchhe Kuri
7)    Barethi
8)    Katahula
9)    Rasoolabad Koilaha
10)  Pawan & Husainpur
11)  Behka
12)  Audhan

You would notice how disorderly, incomplete & unconnected these names are. Now let us find out the facts:-

Muhiuddinpur                    - There is no Siddiqi in Muhiuddinpur village.

Ujheni Khalsa                 -    Ujhehni was a basti of Sadat (syed) and few Siddiqis were 
                                          indeed there who shifted to Godam.

Nizampur Puraini               – there is no siddiqi , was never a Siddiqi in Puraini

Umarchhe                        -  Umarchha was never a Zamindari , shurafa village in the Chail 
                                         Fraternity. I don’t know how come he added Umarchha in this 
                                         list and it seems that he had some relation in this village.

Why there are only 12 villages inside the circle?

Are there no more villages of Siddiqis origin in Chail ?

What about the authentic  SIDDIQI villages of Chail which are known as ATH-GAWAN ?

( Eight villages of Siddiqis). 

He has completely ignored the following villages in that circle 
  •          Makhaupur,
  •          Rasoolpur Beur(Biyur)
  •          Seondha
  •          Kathgaon
  •          Akbarpur ( Now defunct)

In place of the above-mentioned pure Siddiqi villages, he has inserted the names of villages like Umarchha, Koilaha, Katahula . The history of these three villages are so obscure that even the residents could not tell you which branch of Siddiqis they belong to , or who was their foremost ancestor ?

Can anyone let me know 10 persons from Umarchha who are from the Siddiqi Shajra and are related in the Chail Fraternity?  Can Afroz Sahib show the Shajra of Siddiqis of Umarchha ? How these villages are related to Chail, Pawan & other villages are mentioned in his Shajra.

If I have some relations in Mau Aima, should I add Mau Aimma into the Shajra of Siddiqis of Chail just to include them in our Shajra. Is this the correct way of preparing shajra ?

Simply because I am related to some siddiqui in London , should London be included in the list of Siddiqis of Chail ?

There are more than 50 villages in Chail and you may find one or two Siddiqis in almost 35 villages (be it original or migrated ) ? 

Does that mean that I should include all those villages as Siddiqi Villages because one or two Siddiqi families are living there ?

The fact is Only those villages which were originated or founded by the Siddiqi Buzurg could be termed as Siddiqi village.

It seems that his entire concept of Shajras in Chail is wrong  

These kind of actions are grave Sins, if you do not find the complete Shajra , leave it as it is and publish it as it is , you have no right to add fictitious names to create a Shajra. There is no compulsion from the government or the Shariah to make a Shajra , be it fake.


If he could change the forefathers of people like Mushir ul Haq , Sana ul Haq Sahiban Marhoom then I would never suggest anyone to rely on the Shajras prepared by Afroz Ahmad Sahib of Karachi. 

Unless & until you cross-check each & every name in the Shajra with someone from the original family of that village you should not rely on the computerized Shajra being churned out every month by Afroz Sahib. Now he is going to publish a book named “ Ashraf-i-Chail” with these shajras. 

In a Hadeeth The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: 

“Whoever claims to belong to anyone other than his father… on him will be the curse of Allaah and the angels and all the people.” (Reported by Ibn Maajah, 2599; Saheeh al-Jaami’, 6104).

Here Afroz Sahib is inserting names and changing fathers of a lot of people just to complete his book.

This action is also a major sin comprised of two major sins, lying in order to make a Fake Shajra and changing the names of forefathers to belong to someone other than one's father. This will become an Azaab-i-Jaariya instead of Sawab-i-Jaariya.

I had tried to prevent myself from posting such a negative post here but I had no choice to make it public because it would be a sin on my part to hide that is something highly objectionable, dishonesty and SIN which would effect an entire generation and will go long for centuries and people will quote this FAKE Shajra for hundreds of years.

Moreover It is painful to write about someone who is older than my father or to malign someone who is a buzurg of mine but the fact is that sooner or later someone has to take the responsibility and this kind of Shajra Making Profession must be checked and curtailed.

My intention is certainly not to malign Janab Afroz Sahib but the fact is that despite my e-mails to him about the aforesaid discrepancies , he did not pay any attention to them.

Since this matter is not related to a single person rather it involves the entire Pargana Chail , I had no choice but to make it public and warn the people to be watchful and vigilant about the Shajras that are being prepared by Mr. Afroz Ahmad.

I remember one of the Hindi Saying to conclude this write up.

Kahin kee eent , kahin ka Roda
Bhanmati Ne kunba Joda

Khalid Bin Umar


Shakeel Ahmad Hashmi said...

Interesting article. I had no idea that people are so much interested to know about their pedigree, that someone would commercialize it by fabricating wrong entries and data. However hardly 2 or 3 times in my life, people inquired and recognized me as a Chaili. In Karachi people born after partition has no clear idea about their parents places they belonged to. Outside I am labelled as a Upite rather an Allahabadi or Chaili. I don't know this gentleman Afroz Sahib but I also have a Shajrah (believed to be written by my grandfather Late Ashiq Ali and a last entry made thereinto, by my father late Habib Ahmed)I would try to scan and send to you for record soon.

Khalid Bin Umar said...

Thanks a lot ,Jazak Allah I shall wait for it .

Waqqas Marij Usmani said...


Liked the way you carried this complete post maybe because of two reasons ... one it shows your passion towards what you are compiling ... secondly My Fathers' matriarchal grandparents belong to CHAIL KHAAS ...

Taqveem Ahsan Siddiqui said...

Thank you very much for such a great Rebuttal Khalid bhai. JazakAllah. I came across this as well and was doubtful of its authenticity when is did not see Makhaupur my ancestral village in the list that he has posted.