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Shukriya ---for the encouragement !

Dear All - Assalaamu' alaikum !
Hope you all must be getting benefitted with the Anwaar'o'barakaat of Ramadhan. Before posting about a new village , I thought it wise to collect all the comments & feedback I have received and put them all into one post with my inputs as well.....Here we go...........
Khalid Bin Umar
From Mr.Taimur Mustafa, Karachi, Pakistan
Dear Khalid sahib,
 I am extremely fascinated and envious of your dedication to go through such a tedious yet exciting journey. Many of us have thought to try something similar but alas, thought only. My primary interest is in the intertwined family trees of this region. All four of my grandparents were from this area and luckily I have information about 3 of them. However,I could not gain access to the most important family's history i.e. my paternal grandfather's side. This is chiefly because of a lack of extensive family network and dwindling communication over the past decades. I would like to suggest that if your journey allows, I would be extremely grateful if you could research a bit on Rasoolpur Beur which is close to Audhan. This village was my Dada's village and we have lost all contact with our remaining relatives there. We also do not have access to our family tree which is rumoured to still be in the hands of Indian relatives.
I would be so grateful Regards,
Taimur Mustafa Karachi, Pakistan
From Khalid Bin Umar - Dear Taimur Sahib , Salam ! Your mail is the outcome of this blog and Allah knows that this is the real purpose of publishing these information. Now coming to your subject, yes I have been to Beur twice and unfortunately the whole zamindar biradari has migrated from the village except one family. You dont see any buzurg or elderly to ask the old histroy of Beur. However I know few people from Beur and might be able to help you out. In sha Allah

Can you please provide me your father, grand-father and great-grand-father's name so that I can look other sources and believe me its possible that you may connect to your extended family's kin in a short time.
Also you did not mention your e-mail ID and contact no. If you wish , please send me a mail at or  with your full contact details.
Please remember me in your prayrers , Khalid

From Anwar Ali Khan, Delhi
Very good effort for unknown past of the old qasba life of Allahabad, please go ahead.
From Khalid :Shukriya , Anwaar Sahib , are you from Allahabad too ? , Keep looking at the site and let me have your suggestions always, Khalid
From Aquib Zafar
Nice to know about our ancestors...i m from rasoolpur qazi.
From Khalid : Thank you Aaquib.
From Syed Abdullah , Karachi
Masha Allah ! At last some one has stood from chail to do some serious work. Thank you Khalid for these information. It is easy to comment but its very difficult to wander village by village and gather the information. May allah give you more courage and preserve you. Ameen
Syed Abdullah - Karachi
From Khalid : Shukriya Abdullah sahib , you did not mention you connection with Chail , Thanks, Khalid
From Ms.Tahniyat
Asak... am very thnkful to u 4 displayn these pics n my forefathers r also 4m audhan... i am tahniyat and my granddad late Mr.MEHMOOD AHMED was Maulvi Abdul Gafoor's grand son... gafoor sahab had 4 grandsons d elder 1 was Mr.Mehmood Ahmed n he was known as a mukhiya and MR.Mehmood's elder son was my father and his name is Mr.Masood Ahmed and he shifted to hyderabad 68 years ago and he died and he was buried in rauza... and this summer i visited audhan and had been to rauza n kothi... and i congratulate u for this amazn work u did and it felt vry nice and thnku 4 sharing this rich history of audhan with us......
From Khalid : Salam Tahniyat Sahiba, Thanks for all the encouraging words and the whatever you felt after reading this is the Haasil of this hard work. Nice to have your introduction.keep visiting the blog. Thanks, Khalid

From M.Mohsin

Assalamu Aalikum, My Grand Mother (Late Ishratun Nisa) was from Peepal Gaon. Due to the nuisance of some notorious Teli, her faimly had left the place and got settled in Baserhi. -Eagerly awaiting your next postings
M . Mohsin
From Khalid : Thanks , Yes the TELI was a cruel fellow ......
From Mudassir Faridi
Assalamaalikum khalid bhai. I am from Audhan .thank you so much for introducing the history of Audhan . are you also from pargana chail.
By Mudassir Faridi  

From Khalid : thank you Mudassir, however it does not look nice that you copied the informaiton and photographs from this blog and put forth a new blog for Faridi family without letting me know ! You are a talented one indeed , please look for new horizons a far ......the sky is vast and there is no limit. Thanks , Khalid

From M. Qamar-

assalamualaikum mai mohammad kammar mai narvar ka rhne wala hoo aour mera nanihal aoudhan hai mai ye sb padh kar bhot khush hoo
Mohammad Qamar on Parsakhi on 7/5/11

From Khalid : Shukriya Qamar , aap ise dekhte rahen , hame ek din narvar bhi jana hai , aap wahan milenge kya Thanks, Khalid

From Mohsin Shakeen, Kashia, Allahabad
Assalamu-Alaikum ,
 I belong to Kashia Sadat ,one of the villages inhabited by Qazi Sahib`s descendents. The Grand father of Hz. Sadruddin Rajju Qittal was famous saint Hz.Jalalaluddin Surkhposh Bukhari (Rah)( Brother of Hz. Sadruddin Rajju Qittal was Hz. Jahania Jahangast (Rah) ,it is said that when he used to depart after meeting Sultan Tughlaq of Delhi Sultanat ..the sultan always left his Palace and went quite far off to see him off and used to stand at the place until he (Hz. Jhania Jhangast ) with his brother (Hz. raju Qattal) reached off beyound his view. –
Mohsin Shakeel Naqvi Bukhari 

From Khalid : Shukriya Mohsin for all this information, yes indeed this is a great family ....... yun to .........

From Shobby
Khalid Bhai, ASAK Commendable job for giving us a post and a rendezvous which atleast gives some insight into our roots and the culture as to where we come from. I heard that you put in some real efforts to dig deeper into the past and would request you to mention some information, as listed down in those books for reference and to give a touch, making it more realistic.
Regards, Shobby

From Khalid : Thank you shobby , keep visiting the site and let me know any suggestions you have.

from Uzma
Hey , my parents are from audhan chail, i am 16 from Birmingham UK , So nice ...........
thanks, Uzma

From Khalid : Thank you Uzma. However you are in great rush .........
From Dr. Wajiuddin Ahmad
Dear Khalid Sb. We should be thankful to you and in fact proud of you. At least Pargana Chail could boast of producing a adventurer like you who has taken such a gigantic and cumbersome task to find out our basics. Kudos to you. who has got the time to even learn the names of our forefathers and here you are with such a large amount of details......... By the way which place do you belong to and where are you based out of right now . Let me know if I can be of any help to you.I shall send you some details of my family who left Saiyad sarawan some 80 years ago and now we are in Toronto. I wait for your next postings.
Dr. Wajiuddin Ahmad ( MD ) Toronto ( Canada

From Khalid : Salam Dr.Sahib, do keep visiting us and of course let us your comments !
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From Mohsin Shakeel
Assalamu Alaikum Khalid Sahab, I feel very privileged to be the first commenter on this blog...first of All I whole heartedly congratulate you for taking up this mission of bringing up our Wirast of Pargana Chail to the fore in the form of a BLOG.It is our profound duty to make our current generation aware of the Wirasat ,what our forefathers were and which culture we blong to.During this age of Information revolution ,geographical boundaries are no barriers in spreading the word ,And every Pargana chaile can augment him/her knowledge about the area and about their own people and history. I am very Happy about your visit to Kashiya Sadat and you are most welcome there. I will post this link to Pargana Chail Group on Facebook ..which is the best mean today to convey this blog to our Chailee Brothers/Sisters. Allâh Hafiz
Mohsin Shakeel on Salam & Welcome on 6/27/11

From Khalid : Shukriya Mohsin Bhai - Of course you are the first one and May Allah swt keep you in the first place everywhere in life...... thank you for your encouraging words........i feel humbled...............

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wirasat - Pargana Chail- Kara Manikpur-Allahabad: Kashia - Pargana Chail

Wirasat - Pargana Chail- Kara Manikpur-Allahabad: Kashia - Pargana Chail

Kashia - Pargana Chail

Rauza in Kashia
Another view of Rauza Wall

Inside the Rauza
Extreme right is the Qabr of Sayyid Naseeruddin (Red cloth over )


Primary school in Kashia

Road inside the village


Residences became pasture land


Mosque at Kashia (Renovated)

Inside view of the mosque

Another view

Shakeel Sb with other residents of Kashia

In the Madarsa


An old pucca mansion


Another mosque

the ever green pond

A small bridge of olden times

A view of the shajrah of sadaat of Kashia

Kashia Purab is a village lying on the western part of Pargana Chail. Muratganj a market-place is in fact a part of village Kashia which lies on the Grand Trunk road about 34 kms from Allahabad.
There are two villages named Kashia. The one I am talking about it known as Kashia Purab (East) and there is a second on the GT Road few miles west called Kashia Paschim (west).Both are large villages.
Kashia is one of the eight villages populated by Bukhari Naqvi Syeds of Pargrana Chail. As I have  stated earlier about Qazi Husam-ud-din Bukhari of Parsakhi that he divided his reward-villages among his eight sons. His son Sayyid Muhammad Lahuri inherited BadaGaon in this distribution. He lived in Badagaon. He had a son named Sayyid Naseerudin and two grandsons Sayyid Usman and Sayyid Yusuf.
This Sayyid Usman left Badagaon and took Kashia for his abode and ever since his descendents have been living in Kashia as Zamindars of the village. Sayyid Usman is the ancestor of the Saadat of Kashia.


Interstingly earlier than this migration ,one of the sons of Qazi Husamuddin was already residing in the same village , the grave of Qazi Azeemuddin Urf Asadullah son of Qazi Husamuddin is in Kashia and we learn from Mirat al Jalali that he had no issue, it means Kashia was inhabited by the Qazis 600-650 year ago. It seems probable that after his death ,Sayyid Ssman the grand son of his brother came and settled in Kashia in place of Qazi Azeemuddin ? ???
Apart from Qazi Azeemuddin , three prominent progenitors of this Bukhari clan are resting in eternal sleep at Kashia. Their names are as follows;-

· Sayyid Naseeruddin s/o Sayyid Muhammad Lahuri s/o Qazi Husamuddin Hasan
· Sayyid Usman s/o Sayyid Naseeruddin S/o Sayyid Muhammad Lahuri
· Qazi Sayyid Meet s/o Sayyid Usman s/o Sayyid Naseeruddin S/o Sayyid Muhammad Lahuri 
The above Sayyid Naseeruddin is the common ancestor of three villages namely BadaGaon, Nazarganj and Kashia while his tomb is inside the Rauza at Kashia and thus Kashia assumes a important place in the history of Bukhari Syeds of Chail and it also signifes the importance of Kashia at that earlier date.

It is a matter of research why did Qazi Azeemuddin come to Kashia or died & buried in Kashia and then why did Sayyid Usman migrated from Badagaon to Kashia and again , why did Sayyid Naseeruddin came and died in Kashia while his children were in BadaGaon ?

Intriguing enough !

Since Kashia was not among the initially distributed 8 villages then the question arises what prompted or attracted the Qazis to move to Kashia ? Unfortunately today we have no one to answer these questions. The only information we get is from Mirat al Jalali a book dedicated for the Bukhari Sadat published in 1918 by Sayyid Khaleel Ahmad Mindarvi.

Although a detailed & upated shajra of the village has been published by Saiyid Afroz Ahmad from Karachi this year which seemed to me better than earlier versions.
During the uprising in 1857 all the zamindars of Kashia were the supporters of Maulvi Liyaqat Ali, After re-capture by the British they were charged with rebellion and lands were confiscated. From that day onwards big zamindari did not come back to this village again. Although a  few persons did managed to purchase some shares at different parts of time yet most of the residents of this village had to look for other options of livelihood. They started migrating for employment and then came the last blow in the form of partition of our country that jolted the entire community. A whole lot of educated class migrated during that period and the remainder to Allahabad during the late 80’s and 90’s …….now there are only few houses left as Yaadgar of the Bukharis.
During my visit to Allahabad last week, I had a very busy schedule because I wanted to cover as many villages as I could but it does not always happen as you wish. I was supposed to reach Kashia around 2 PM whereas I landed there around 4 in a helter-skelter way. I was received by Mr. Shakeel Ahmad, ex-pradhan of Kashia who is now residing at Allahabad.
Before entering the village I spotted a very old structure with a wall similar to a rampart surrounding the structure. After getting down I saw that it was a walled enclosure and inside were the graves of Qazi Naseeruddin and his descendents.All the three persons that I named above are resting in this enclosure. The flooring was concrete and no further space for further burial is available, it now serves as a memorial for the descendents of Sayyid Naseeruddin and local villagers come here to pay their respect. Indeed this wall is around five or six hundred old construction.
Going forward inside the village , we could see the shops on both the sides of road right from confectionary to cycle repairing , everything was at your disposal,it was buzzing with activity all along the road. Here we saw the Eid-Gaah presently in use and then we took a round of the village ,walking through the alleys ,pleasantly surprised with the new mosque ,crossed the haunted houses, waded through the rubbles and remains of the destroyed houses of erstwhile zamindars………….. Ah !
Jahan Main Hain Ibrat Ke Har Su Namoone
Magar Tujhko Andha Kiya Rang-o-Bu Ne
Kabhi Ghaur Say Yeh Bhi Dekha Hai Tu Ne
Jo Maamoor Thay Wo Mahal ab Hain Soone

Jaga Jee Lagane Ki Duniya Nahin Hai
Yeh Ibrat Ki Ja Hai Tamasha Nahin Hai

Walking through the village, we found the same state of affairs as in rest of the zamindari villages in Chail, ram shackled villas, depopulated and abandoned houses crying for their owners, hanging roofs waiting for their final day ,it’s an agony to see through these famous villages in this deplorable condition but then again we must remember nothing is eternal. However there is a silver lining too, the new wave of religious revival has now maintained our mosques and opened madarsa in the major villages. Now people are aware and mindful of their past and trying to maintain themselves and of course their esteem!
The people of Kashia have constructed a very fine and spacious mosque in the village. ! May Allaah swt guide them all to populate the mosque as well. May Allaah swt guide us all. Aameen! There is a madrasa too run by the same management.
From historical perspective there is no other building except the Rauza which is certainly hundreds of years old. However there is one small bridge reportedly built during Sher Shah’s period the picture of which I have attached herewith.
In the middle of the village there is a pond full of water that, according to the villagers, never gone dry and is too deep to be taken a dive in. If you visit the pond it seems to be at the level of your feet. But the populace should keep it clean and tidy ……..Isn’t it!


Amongst the well known names of Kashia in the past were Ahmadullah Sahib , Ibad ullah ,Iqbal Husain  Afzal Husain , Hafeezullah ,Sifat Ahmad , Hashmat Ali , Mohammad Yusuf, Ali Husain ,Qadir Bakhsh, Mohammad tayyab , Moin ul Haq, Husain Ali, Salamat Husain Sahiban Marhoomeen.

Other notables were Subadar Ameer-Ullah (Army) and Ameer Ali (UP Police) and of course Maulvi Wali Hasan.In the post-partition era Janab Laeeq Ahmad and his brother Khaleeq Ahmad Sb were the only persons known in adjoining areas. Jb Khaleeq Ahmad was a Mukhia (Head-man) of Kashia and similarly his son Shakeel Ahmad too served twice as the Pradhan of the village. As of today he is residing in Allahabad. I owe thanks to him for taking out his time and travelling from city to Kashia and then waiting for me in the sweltering heat just for the cause of his love for his village and ancestors. Jazak Allah!
Kashia is not enormously large but it is not a small village too. It is a purely agricultural village. It was not a seat of any big estate or zamindari nor was it famous for its riches and wealth yet Kashia was and Kashia is still held in very good respect by all and sundry in Pargana chail. The patrician Sadaat maintained a very good reputation throughout the centuries that it still enjoys. May this good-will go on.........

I left Kashia with a feeling that this world is a deception in reality.May Allaah swt guide us enable us strive for our welfare both here and hereafter…………This transitory world does not deserve such an affection and attention as we are putting in. We are dying to acquire DUNIA but it leaves us mid way ...........Are we really spending 1/10th of our time for AKHIRAT that we will enter for ever........never to return.........

Again few lines started coming to my mind………..
Milay Khaak Main Ahl-e-Sha'n Kaise Kaise
Makeen Ho Gaye La Makaa'n Kaise Kaise
Hue Naamwar Be-Nishaa'n Kaise Kaise
Zameen Kha Gayee Aasma'n Kaise Kaise

Jaga Jee Lagane Ki Duniya Nahin Hai
Yeh Ibrat Ki Ja hai Tamasha Nahin Hai

At last best wishes for Ramazan  !

I am compiling a book based on my research on the history of muslim settlements in Pargana Chail. If you have something relevant to my quest, do forward me a copy with your family accout, Shajra me at

Khalid Bin Umar – New Delhi