Thursday, December 6, 2012

An Inspiring Grannie !

Assalaamu' alaikum ! 

I would like to share with you a recent experience of coming across an old lady during a marriage whose lifestyle was not only inspiring but also surprising. I had to stay in the village for a night on the occasion of this marriage.

Let me tell you that I am an early riser and normally get up around 5 AM for the prayers etc.. In the same way I got up around 5 AM and looked for my way to the wash-place where I could perform my Wuzu. I could gauge with the spilled water there that there was someone before me as well who too had done wuzu. 

There was still some time to go for Fajr and I performed few Nafl and waited for the Fajr time. I noticed someone moving in the Verandah on the Opposite direction ? Then I said my Fajr prayers and thought it wise to go out for a walk in the serene, pure and healthy surroundings of the village and enjoy the milieu before the sunrise. I went past the verandah and tried to open the Iron Gate when I heard a feeble, faint voice of a lady " Ko Aaye" . I answered form there only that I was going out for a walk. I saw an old lady sitting on her Ja' Namaz with her Tasbeeh . She nodded her head and then I opened the door.

I returned at 6 AM after the stroll and found the lady sitting in the same position on the Ja'Namaaz with her Tasbeeh. I noticed that most of the guests were sleeping except few young mothers who got awake for their babies.......Then I did another Wuzu for the Tilawat etc and spent sometime in Tilawat etc......At 6.45 I again went to the Verandah and saw the lady performing Namaz on the same Ja'Namaz. I waited for her till she got free and then I approached here and introduced myserlf and tried to struck a chord with her to start some converstation. This is how our conversation went by :-

Khalid : Ye aap Tahajjud Parh rahi thin ?

Lady         : Han

Khalid : Ye aap kab se parh rahi hain

Lady         : Hamka Yad nahi , magar 60/70 baras to hoin ge huehain

Khalid : To Aapki Umr kya hai ?

Lady         : Ka ?

Khalid : Aaap ki Umr ?

Lady         : Ek Kam Sau

Khalid : Yani 99 Saal, Masha Allah

Lady         : Hoon !

Khalid : Aap kitne baje uthin thin ?

Lady         : Suraj Nikre se dui ghanta Pahile uthit hi 

Khalid : To Aap ne Tahajuud ke bad kya kya parha

Lady         : Pahile Tahajjud padhit hi, Phir Tilawat ,Astaghfar ke dui tasbeeh oker bad 
                   Fajar ke Namaaj aur phir, Pahila Kalma, teesar Kalma , Darood Shareef aur 
                   Ehi Tarah aur bhi kuchh parhit rahit hai

Khalid : Lekin aap ko abhi abhi fariqh hui hain 

Lady         : Han , Ishraaq tak intezaar karit hi , phir ab Ishraaq ke bad Chai waghairah ki 
                    adat hai , Osey pahile nahin

Khalid : Ma Sha Allah , Apki Umr aur Ye Mujahida , Sardi mein uthna WuZu Karna aur 3 
                  Ghanta kam az kam ibadat mein masroof rahkar tab kuchh khana peena

Lady          : Sab hui jaat hai, Allahe Karawat hain , hamar kaa Hai ?

Khalid : Beshak , Hamare liye bhi dua kar dijiyega ek bar zaroor.

Lady         : Ham dua kar deeha hai pahilen, 

Khalid : Kya ?

Lady         : Hum tumka pahilen dekh lia raha , hum dua kar chuken , ..............Achha 
                  Aisa hai ab , ee dekha ki kauno chai wai mili ke nahin

Khalid : Acchha akhri baat ye ki aapke walid sahab ka kya nam tha

Lady         : Ain ul Yaqeen

Khalid : Achha

Luckily I found her daughter to be bringing morning tea etc and then I took leave from her and forgot to ask her name.

I want to ask whether this inspires us , if yes, then what stops us from maintainig a more meaningful life than hers ? 

What is that eats up all of our time good for nothing , neither good for his world Nor for hereafter ? 

Stealthily I clicked a snap of hers and would like you to recognize her and make dua that people like her live long and May Allaah swt accept ourselves as well for HIS work and for HIMSELF.

To tell you more she is a daughter of Nazarganj and was married in Koh-khiraj. Does anyone know her name ?

Khalid Bin Umar
New Delhi

After posting at Facebook , this entry received so many comments as follows, it also helped us know her name as Shakira Bibi.

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