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Saiyid Sarawan or Syed Sarawan

Board at Railway Station
A fine like 
The mansion of Ali Kabeer Sb
Ali Kabeer Sb's
Mazar of Tajan Meera Baba
Community Centre ( Look at the members of community)
Khand'har bata rahe hain ki.......
Another one

Sifat ullah sahib's makan

The pond 
Here stood Ali Nazeer' Sb's house
Ali Ameer Sb's mansion
Here is one more 
View over the railway line
Dar o Deewar
Close view of the mansion
A view of Kuti
The Gate of Dargah of Haqqani Sahib
Mazar of Saiyid Muhammad Haqqani (Rahmatullah Alaihi)
Railway line passing through the village

Suhail Bin Rasheed , my uncle !

Eid Gaah 

A view of passing train !
Across the railway line
A passing goods-train
Sun Set in Saiyid Sarawan
Another View
Mustard crop

Saiyid Sarawan / Syed Sarawan

Saiyid Sarawan is a large village situated between the GT Road and the Delhi Calcutta Railway line. In fact the railway line bifurcates the village into two parts. It has a railways station also with the same name.Today it falls under Mooratganj Block in Tehsil Chail ,District Kaushambi. (Formerly Allahabad)

Nearby Villages are Chilla Shahbazi(2.3 k.m.) , Rasoolabad Urf Koilaha (2.6 k.m.) , Husain Mau (3.6 k.m.) ,Ratgaha (3.6 k.m.) ,Faridpur Chak Tajpur (3.7 k.m.)

Town of Chail Khas is 6.7 kms away while Manjhanpur  25.6 kms and Nevada 28.7 kms away from Saiyid Sarawan.

The district Gazetteer of Allahabad 1911 gave space to Saiyid Sarawan , I have pasted below a truncated view form the Gazetteer:-

This is an old settlement and as per some historial books (Manba al Ansab ) a warrior saint Sayyid Muhammad Haqqani (Rah) is  the first person who is understood to have settled here which later on came to be known after him as Sayyid ki Sarai or Sayyid Sarayan and the ultimately with the name Saiyid Sarawan

The tomb of Sayyid Muhammad Haqqani (Rahmatullahi alaihi) is still venerated here. It is situated on the western oustskirt of the village close to the Eid-Gaah of the village. He lived during the 7th-8th Century Hijri corresponding 13th Century AD.

Saiyyid Muhammad Haqqani Rah was a Naqvi Sayyid and he came to India from Sabzawar (Iran) and was going to Bengal for some expedition when he came across a Saint Saiyid Shaban Rahmatullah alaihi at Jhunsi. He was so impressed with the saint that he gave up the thought of participating in the expedition and decided to live with the saint at Jhunsi. He was initated into the Suharwarid Path , trained for two complete years and even got married to the daughter of Saiyid Shaban ul Millat Jhoonsvi. Afterwards he was directed to leave Jhunsi and look for his abode a place near Charai ( Modern Charwa). Therefore he initially settled at Charwa but soon he found himself attracted towards the greenery inside the jungle which we can say should have been the present Saiyid Sarawan. Finally he moved to this place and spent his remaining life here.

There is an anecdote that Sayyid Haqqani Sahib expelled some of his sons OR asked to leave the village due to a fall out between the villagers and his sons .Therefore two of his sons left the place for ever and their descendents are still found in Trans-Gangetic villages named Kahra, Fatooha, Mogarsan ,Pyarepur etc villages. Even today they do not touch the food and water from Saiyid Sarawan as a mark of their expulsion 600 years ago by their distinguished forefather.

Now the question arises about the present occupants of the village.

Usmani Shaikhs

The present occupants and the erstwhile Zamindars of Sayyid Sarawan are descended from one mitlitary general named Salaar Baha-ud-din Usmani who came to Kara in an expedition in 7t Century AD from Ghazni.( naturally he was an Arab ).After the victory he was awarded a village near Saiyid Sarawan which is still present and known as Muhiuddinpur ( this is not the famous Muhiuddinpur ( Muhaddipur) near shaikhpur). This Muhiuddinpur is situated between Kundapur and Rat'Gaha today and still bears the same name.

Initially the Usmani Shaikhs settled at village Muhiuddinpur and soon they became disciples and associates of Saiyid Haqqani Rahmatullah alaihi. When the descendents of Haqqani Sahib left the place due to the unfortunate fall out and there was a genuine want of people to inhabitate the place and serve the Shaikh in the later stage of his life. The Usmani Shaikhs moved to Saiyid Sarawan at the instance of Haqqani Sahib and ever since Saiyid Sarawan has always been known for the Usmanis.

In the medieval period I could not find any mention of the village in any chronicle, however in the later Mughal Era large Zamindaris were conferred upon some members of the Shaikhs and the village was created a Taluqa. A lot of neighbouring villgaes came under the this Taluka and some of them still bear the name .eg. Jalalpur Taluqa Saiyid Sarawan.

It was a lively place where highly learned persons held discussions and Mushairas  ,Bait Bazi were a rage of the day. Some people were engaged in self-purification and their disciples ran from one place to another to serve their mentors. A lot of persons were Tahsildar and Subadar from the place , Hakeems were so numerous that People from the rural Allahabad had left going to the city in search of Hakeems. Religious scholars and priest doctors who healed through spiritual exercises abounded. In the evening people came out for their evening meetings to discuss the local issues and exchange their views over religious and social issues. In the summer , mangoes and the smell of mango literally engulfed the entire village.

The zamindars of Saiyid Sarawan were a powerful lobby and held considerable weight in the local politics in Allahabad. They were the biggest supporters of Maulvi Liyaqat Ali in 1857 when they helped Maulvi Sahib with Arms and ammunitions alongwith their men. Unfortunately after the debacle , all the zamindaris were confiscated and the zamindars were reduced to a very woeful level.

After the phase of 1857 was over, during 1859 and 1910 , the village progressed and recovered its old glory to some extent due to their inclination towards employment in armed forces and government jobs. A lot of distinguished soldiers in Indian Army and Police were from Saiyid Sarawan. The next generation between 1910 and 1950 took a further leap and converted the village into one of the most educated villages in northern India.

During 1940 and 1970 some 200 youngmen graduated from this village which is a remarkable achievement of a moderate village in istelf. There was no walk of life where the guys of Saiyid Sarawan were not active, Poetry, Cricket, shooting, athletics,mysticism, armed services , education, railways, etc etc..........

It is this fame of Saiyid Sarawan which has lingered on till our time for the educated and polished class it produced during the last century. People from here excelled in every walk of life and made a mark in their respective careers……. It would be  very long if I write names of all those famous persons from Saiyid Sarawan however I would not leave few most famous in the last century.

During 1870- 1920 , the following four persons from Saiyid Sarawan were known throughout the district of Allahabad.
Foremost is Subadar Shaikh Imdad Ali Bahadur who rose to become an A.D.C to two viceroys of India and he was the one for whom the railway station is understood to be constructed here inordinately since there is not much of a distance between Manauri and Manoharganj to have a third station here.He was awarded Order of the British India twice ( OBI ) ,was sent to London orderly to Queen Victoria in 1893 ,Similary Subadar Buniyad Ali was also a famous soldier who was instrumental in the success of Burma War II. Shaikh Faiyaz Husain was a renowned Subadar. In the later period Fazal-ud-din and Zain-us-Sajideen were also in army.
Second is Molvi Sher Ali,Vakeel  who was a very famous pleader along with his sons , Abdul Jaleel , Abdul Qadeer and Abdul Lateef. He purchased numerous zamindari Shares in and around the village after making fortune in Vakalat.

Third was Shaikh Ehsan Ali, who was one of the few big landlords of Saiyid Sarawan and was famous as a diplomatic Zamindar in Pargana Chail. Unfortunately He had four daughters without a son. His property was divided amongst his grandsons ( Nawasa) and today he is not known even to the villagers.

Fourth was a Saiyid of Haqqani descent , Abbu Miyan who was a very hospitable , generous person known to be a great helper and benfactor of poor.

Other lesser known but very important Zamindars from the Usmani Shaikhs  were Shaikh Gauhar Ali, Shaikh Ghulam Makhdoom , Hakeem Ahmad Hasan, Shaikh Qamaruddin , Shaikh Rahat Husain sahiban. Shaikh Qamaruddin had Hakeem Jameel-ud-Din who was a very proficient Hakeem of his time.

Qawi Miyan and Haider Miyan were two prominent landholders of this villagers amongst who descendents were Imam Ali, Imaduddin, Azizuddin and Khaleeluddin Sahiban Marhoomein.

Standing row (from left to right)
1. Janab Ali Zaheer Sb. (Zeera Baba),2. Janab Ali aseer Sb. (Nissan Baba) 3. Janab Ali Nazeer Sb. (Sutti Baba)

Sitting row (from left to right)
1. Janab Ali Kabeer Sb.2. Janab Ali Ameer  3. Janab Ali Sagheer Sb. (Sattan Baba)
Khalid Bin Umar - Courtesy :Zahid Ameer 

In the following I am producing few well-known names who hailed from this village :-

Amongst the Ulama'i'Kiraam were the following from Saiyid Sarawan :-
  • Mauvli Abdul Rahman, 
  • Mauvli Bakhshish Ali, 
  • Maulvi Fateh-ud-deen , 
  • Maulvi Mushin Ali
  • Hakim Maulvi Jameel-ud-Deen
  • Shah Abdul Bari
  • Maulvi Shujaat Husain
  • Hafiz Qari Saeed'ud-Din
  • Maulvi Abdul Jaleel
  • Hafiz Qari Ateeq Ahmad 
Few advocates from older generation were 
  • Maulvi Sher Ali, 
  • Abdul Ghani, 
  • Abdul Rab, 
  • Abdul Quddoos , 
  • Abdul Rauf Mukhtar 
  • Mahboob Alam 
Few names in the police Service :-
  • Ali Kabeer , IPS
  • Nadir Ali Usmani - Jailor
  • Aftab Ahmad DSP
  • Sifat Ullah
  • Khaleeq Ahmad
  • Riyazat Husain
  • Ali Nazir Usmani
Three illustrious Army -men :
  • Subadar Shaikh Imdad Ali Bahadur ( Order of the British India twice )
  • Subadar Shaikh Buniyad Ali
  • Subadar Faiyaz Husai
What we all know is that Saiyid Sarawan has a long list of eminent persons in the later generation some of them are listed below :-

  • Colonel Wajahat Kabeer, 
  • Prof Nemat Zaheer, 
  • Er. Jafar Nazeer Usmani (Pak) , 
  • Dr. Islam Ahmad Usmani (UK), 
  • Mazhar-ul-Haq Alias Majja TT ( a famous TTE in railways)
  • Hasan Ameer Sahib son of Ali Ameer
  • Wahid Nazeer Alias Gore Sahib - A famous sprinter/athelete of his time who was winner at national levels and was also a member of 4×440 yards relay team that finished fifth with Milkha Singh at the 1958 British Empire and Commonwealth Games.
  • Ali Sagheer Usmani - Writer of famous hindi films "Chaudhvin Ka Chand", "Parvarish, "Jahanara" , "Phool Bane Angare" ( all 1960 classics)
Col (Retd) Wajahat Kabeer Now

Colonel (Retd.)Wajahat Kabeer,VSM - popularly known as Wajji is another illustrious son of Saiyid Sarawan who joined Army as an commissioned office after completing engineering from AMU in 1966. He is now working with a real-estate giant in Mumbai. His recent photograph is attached here.

I intend to include a comprehensive list in my book In sha'Allaah when I complete my research and survey about Chail.

In 20th Century

Professor Ali Ameer was a renowned academician from this place who one held the post of secretary of Union Public Service Commission and was known to be the best English teacher of his time alongwith Prof AN Jha and Prof Raghupati Sahai Firaq. His Brother Ali Kabeer was an I.P.S officer known for his integrity. His other brothers  Ali Zaheer , Ali Sagheer , Ali Naseer were all men of knowledge and character. ……….Ali Zaheer was a very good poet of Urdu.  I would like to quote one of his ghazals here.

koii baat abhii huii hai k guzar gaye zamaane
vohii merii Khud_farebii, vohii aapke bahaane

yeh palak se chaand hii tak haiN sunehre taar tere
tu kise sunaa rahii hai merii chash-e-tar taraane

mire waaqi'aat ab tak haiN usii taraH ke saare
k suno to ik Haqeeqat, na suno to sab fasaane

mujhe hogaa koii dhokaa, na tumheN maza milegaa
mire dil ko ab na chheRo kisii cheez ke bahaane

tu yahaaN nahiiN yeh sach hai, maiN yehiiN huuN yeh bhii sach hai
mire dil ke faisle ko merii aaNkh bhii to maane!

tiraa Husn-e-be-niyaazii hai bahot qareeb mujh se
nahiiN door AB k yeh dil tiraa dard bhii na jaane

yeh nigaah door tak thii k chaman pe barq chamkii
isii raushnii meN mujhko nazar aaye aashiyaane

terii raHmatoN ke sadqe, mirii zeHmateN haiN tujh se
mujhe dekh le jo pahle to gunaah_gaar jaane

Another talented but short lived poet was Tufail Ahmad "Shameemi" .He was a mystic poet and was very close to Hadhrat Asghar Gondvi.Two of his collections have recently been published by his brother Shakeel Usmani Sahib. Here is a Naat of Tufail Ahmad Shameemi .

Today Saiyid Sarawan is also known for an active seminary and Khanqaah related to Shah Ameer Ali Chishti Nizami ( Shah Arif Safi ) who is quite competently managed by the current Sajjada Nasheen Shah Saeedulllah Safwi Urf Abbu Miyan Sahib. In the adjoining Madrasa , you shall find some 400 odd students committed to learn Quran and Hadeeth going through Junior classes of Aalimiyat. Here lives the oldest of buzurg of the village i.e Shakeel Baba at Kuti who is a treasure trove of old time stories.

Janab Ahmad Javaid.
Saiyid Sarawan should be proud of having produced another bright and robust chiragh extending the line of their scholarly tradition in the form of Janab Ahmad Javaid Sahab ( Javaid Ameer S/o Husain Ameer s/o Ali Ameer ) a scholar who enjoys a profound command on the original sciences of Islam with interests in Islamic philosophy, history, Tasawwuf, Iqbaliyat,Urdu literature and other subjects. Born in Saiyid Sarawan ,he studied in the primary school of the village and later on migrated with his parents. Today He is associated with Iqbal Academy as Director and lives in Lahore. A man of piety , he is endowed with a vision that forces me to call him a true Sahib-i-Baseerat.With vaired subjects of interest alongwith a rare set of combinations  coupled with amazing command on langauage and expression, he is now one of the most credible scholars in Pakistan.His live shows and lectures are available on internet and highly regarded for his original , genuine and unadulterated views on different subjects.He had authored several books as well. With a stunning command on several languages , he is a one of the chosen few and a rarity and gem amongst the modern islamic thinkers, if you believe my opinion. One of his English poems is as follows

A white shadow
Of a white falcon 
Moving toward nowhere 
A symbol 
Veils the meaning 
An unexplored star 
Of an unexplored sky 
Shining beyond light 
An unsketched image 
Fills the canvas 
With unseen 

Word and meaning 
Jungle and tiger 
Not really identical 

History and time 
A real fruit and a fake tree 
A rising wave and a non-ocean 
A genuine flame 
Never burns 
Out of heart 

Today Saiyid Sarawan is a mere shadow of its past and I would say not even a shadow to find. After the partition of the country + abolition of Zamindari, the creamy layer of this village migrated to Pakistan and the remaining to the cities like Allahabad , Bombay and abroad  leaving the village to become a virtual sarai. You cannot imagine or visualize its grandeur from its present look. It bears a ghostly look now. 

Saiyid Sarawan has a special place for me as my paternal grand-mother came from this place. His nephew and my uncle Sohail Bin Rasheed is now busy with the construction of his new mansion here after his retirement from CISF as Asstt Commandant.

I attach some of the recent photographs of the place.

Wait for my tour to a next village......

I am compiling a book based on my research on the history of muslim settlements in Pargana Chail. If you have something relevant to my quest, do forward me a copy with your family accout, Shajra me at


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Khalid Bhi do you have any information of rathgahan Village it's near kudapur(syed sarawan)

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pics of Saiyed Sarawan brought back nostalgic memories. thank you.

faqat du'aa_go,

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when i was a kid growing up in Saiyed Sarawan, i remember hearing about Ratgahaa quite often but i'm sorry i do NOT know much about this village.

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kabeer ahmed usmani's son in law ali kabeer

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muhammad masroor (sayed sarawan )
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Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.Khalid, thanks for including me in the prominent persons of 20th century from Saiyad Sarawan. However, you forgot to mention my elder brother Wahid Usmani, the only most famous sportsman from there to represent India. He was the fastest hurdler in India.

Regards. Dr.Jafar Nazir Usmani

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Khalid Sahab Asslam alekum

I really appreciate your work of Syed Sarawan as i belong to Allahabad and some of my relative belong to your village i have heard about Syed's of Syed Sarawan earlier but wanted to know more why they are so famous.You have given much information.

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i really proud that m belong to pargana chail and belong to saiyed sarawan village.
sayyed muhammad haqqani came to in this village and spread knowledge and giving some skills to our people.

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dear mr khalid.. u r doing very good nd gr8 job for da sake of pargana chail community... ur job is worth appreciating... xcellent work has been done by you.. hats off to you for awl wat u hv done.. its remarkable performance.. i would like to add some information wd u wat i had learnt from our ancestors and had seen by my ownself.. lykwise.. u said in frst paragraph.. that railway line divided village in two parts... i want to mention here dt wen railway line was built there.. the ppl livin dere moved nd go to some other place known KUNDAPOOR nd strtd living there.. nd are all the USMANI zamindar families... the popular names of them are hakeem ahmed usmani late and muhammad usmani late... they made unani medical college in allahbadcity....

muhammad masroor said...

sayed saraawan has 4000 begha agricultral land.. in whch mango, guava and bair gardens are v popular nationwide... it is the largest village of chail tehseel...
daniyalpoor is situated between syed sarawan n manori..
qazipoor is situated btwn s.s nd godam..

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Dear Khalid Sahab,


Very pleased and proud to see my Grand Father's name (Ali Sagheer Usmani)and my uncles's name ( Wahid Nazeer Usmani, Wajahat Kabeer,Nemat Zaheer,Dr. Islam Ahamad) and my Maternal Uncle Mazhar Ul-Haq names mentioned here.


Javaid Usmani

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Khalid mian should be congratulated for a job well done. It must have been painstaking work for sure. I, Wajahat Kabir,a domicile of Saiyyad Sarawan,worked in the army as a commissioned officer after completing my engineering from Aligarh Muslim University in 1963.After retirement from the Army, I am now working with an infrastructure development company.

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Assalamu alaikum, Khalid mian! May Allah be your help, you have created a rendezvous for me where I can engage myself with my beloved ones. I am Ahmad Javaid (Javaid Ameer Usmani) son of Husain Ameer whose father was Ali Ameer Sahib. I just saw the message of Wajji baba and couldn't stop myself from being ecstatic.

Khalid Bin Umar said...

Dear Javaid Ameer Sahib ! So nice of you for responding to this piece. However the purpose of putting it on the web is the relevant /incomplete or any other information that is missing still could be updated because once it is published in the form of a book, it would be difficult to make corrections later.

We have still got time and I urge all the guys from Sayid Sarawan to share with the any information that is historical, interesting , adding value to the piece above , be it in pictorial form or in written.

Old papers, shajra-jaat, published articles, photographs etc... do share with me at

Again many thanks for visiting the site.

Khalid Bin Umar

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hi my mom and dad home in syedsarawan i like this villiage i visit every tow years this village my reletive there MR tabriaz usmani[munna chacha] and family there and MR SUHAIL BIN RASHEED AND FAMILY THERE MY PEYARS IS GOD BLACE THIS VILLAGE THANK MUHAMMAD GHAYAS USMANI PAKISTAN KARACHI

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Jazak Allah ! Nice to know you , then you are closely related to me as well since Suhail Bin Rasheed and Munna are my uncles as well !

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I am surprize, you have lot of information about syed sarawa village. I am Amir Hussain s/o Abrar Hussain s/o Bakhtiyar Hussain s/o Hakeem Jameel Uddin.You have done great work. Thanx.

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Assalam Alaikum Khalid bhai.
It is very difficult to collect information of the past. I salute your hard work and feel very happy to see this beautiful piece of information. I wish you unfold more hidden facts related to Syed Sarawan. I am Mohammad Irshad Usmani s/o Late Mohammad Mahboob s/o Late Mohammad Hadi, working as an Executive in National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) of India.



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I have not cried in ages, but this page has revived so many buried memories in me. My name is Asif Iqbal s/o of Mr.Iqbal Kabir who was the elder brother of Wajji Chacha. Since ages i sm trying to get in contact with him. I'll be grateful full if you can give me his phone number.My contact is 647-898-7455.God Bless you and your family.

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It's a great place to watch....
I Love my village Syed Sarawan....
I am Grand Son of Hafiz Qari Ateeq Ahmad Usmani....

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It's great to see the name of my great-grandfathers Mr.Mehboob Alam mentioned amongst the few well know advocates from Saiyid Sarawan, Mr.Ali Naseer (nissan Baba) and some legends of the family who I personally know like Dr.Jafar Nazir Usmani, Mr.Wahid Nazir Usmani & Mr.Ahmed Javaid.

Great Job Mr.Khalid, your work is highly appreciated.

Sabih Saleem

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It's great to see the name of my great-grandfathers Mr.Mehboob Alam mentioned amongst the few well know advocates from Saiyid Sarawan, Mr.Ali Naseer (nissan Baba) and some legends of the family who I personally know like Dr.Jafar Nazir Usmani, Mr.Wahid Nazir Usmani & Mr.Ahmed Javaid.

Great Job Mr.Khalid, your work is highly appreciated.

Sabih Saleem

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salaam Khalid MiyaaN

it's really great to see new pictures and more info about Saiyed SarawanN and the adjoining villages. i congratulate you on your great work and tireless effort in bringing more and more pics N info. thank you.

i'm physically living abroad but spiritually i'm in my village 24/'s the memories that i live for and hope to return to my village one day:

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ap ke pas ya aur jin sahbe zauq hazraat ke pas kise ki Ghazal, Hazal aur Ash'aar hon unhe barah-e-karam mujhy mere email id ( ya ( par mail kar den. take main unhe us me shaamil kar sakun aur jald manzr-e-aam par laa sakun.
Duaon ka talib
Ahqar Hasan Saeed
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